Acheh Tsunami Relief

Rebuild Acheh from Deadly Waves

Dear Philanthropists,

We, at the Acheh Times [EXEMPT from Federal Income Tax 501(c)(3)] is receiving donations to rebuild Acheh from deadly quake. The tsunami that struck Acheh and other Asia nations has resulted as you know in one of the most devastating natural disasters in history. The final toll in human and financial terms will not be known for months if not years.

At present international aid has begun to arrive in the most populous areas of Acheh; yet many isolated towns and villages have still not been reached nor has anything been heard from them.

These funds will be channeled through local plans and respected relief organizations that the Acheh Times and ASNA with our affiliated organizations have come to know for many years and they have worked in equally difficult situations to bring relief and whose integrity and commitment to truly helping and using the monies under their direction are beyond reproach.

Time is of the essence; people are literally dying and going hungry at this very moment not to mention in many cases having no shelter.

Please forward this note along with the link below to your friends and ask them personally to help if they can with a donation. Every little bit will help and if they receive a personal note from you it will make it much easier for them to give we feel, than if someone contacts them "cold".

Please take just a moment to review your contact list anyone you feel has a heart big enough to want to help strangers they will never meet almost certainly but whom desperately need their help in this horrible situation.






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