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Fragile archipelago

Indonesia secrete
  Teugku Putroe (middle) the Sultanate's royal wife, who was captured by Captain H. Christoffel, in Gulumpang Payong, Pidie, on November 26, 1902


Acheh's Predecessors

The Sultanate of Achin or Acheh was founded at the end of the 15th century. A powerful Islamic state in the 16th and 17th centuries, Achin contested control of the Malacca Straits with the Portuguese and the Dutch. The Dutch colonial power annexed the Sultanate in 1874 and local resistance stopped in 1904.





* Ali
(I) Mughayat Shah 1496-1528. Father of:
* Salah ud Din
1528-1537. Brother of:
* Ala ud Din
(I) al Qahhar 1537-1568. Father of:
* Husain Ali Riayat
Shah 1568-1575. Father of:
* Sultan
Muda 1575,
* Sri Alam
1575-1576. Son of Ala ud Din (I) al Qahhar,
* Zain ul Abidin
1576-1577. Grandson of Ala ud Din (I) al Qahhar,
* Ala ud Din
(II) Mansur Shah 1577-c1589. Brother of Ahmad Taj ud Din Shah, Sultan of Perak,
* Sultan
Buyong c1589-1596,
* Ala ud Din
(III) Riayat Shah 1596-1604. Grandson (via son) of a brother of the father of 1st Sultan Ali (I) Mughayat Shah and father of:
* Ali
(II) Riayat Shah 1604-1607,
* Iskandar
(I) Shah 1607-1636. Granson (via daughter) of Ala ud Din Riayat Shah,
* Iskandar
(II) Thani Ala ud Din Mughayat Shah 1636-1641. Son of Ahmad Shah II, Sultan of Pahang,
* Safiyat ud Din Taj ul Alam
1641-1675. Daughter of Iskandar (I) Shah and widow of Iskandar (II) Thani Ala ud Din Mughayat Shah,
* Naqiyat ud Din Nur ul Alam
* Zaqiyat ud Din Inayat
Shah 1678-1688,
* Kamalat
Shah Zinat ud Din 1688-1699,
* Badr ul Alam
Sharif Hashim Jamal ud Din 1699-1702,
* Perkara Alam
Sharif Lamtui 1702-1703,
* Jamal ul Alam Badr ul Munir 1703-1726,
* Jawhar ul Alam Amin ud Din
* Shams ul Alam
* Ala ud Din
(IV) Ahmad Shah 1727-1735,
* Ala ud Din
(V) Shah Jahan 1735-1760,
* Mahmud
Shah (I) 1760-1781,
* Badr ud Din
* Sulayman
Shah (I) 1775-1781,
* Ala ud Din
(VI) Muhammad 1781-1795,
* Ala ud Din
(VII) Jawhar ul Alam 1795-1815 and 1818-1824,
* Sharif
Saif ul Alam 1815-1818,
* Muhammad
(I) Shah 1824-1838,
* Sulayman
Shah (II) 1838-1857,
* Mansur
Shah 1857-1870,
* Mahmud
Shah (II) 1870-1874,
* Muhammad
(II) Daud Shah 1874-1903.

      Sources: R.F.Tapsell, Monarch Rulers Dynasties and Kingdoms of the World, Thames and Hudson, London 1983
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